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Our job is to make sure you understand all of your options!

Jaguar Naperville wants to make your vehicle ownership more enjoyable, economical and convenient by combining all your automotive needs in one location.

We offer many solutions to keep your investment running smoothly and looking like new. Some of our options are not just for first time buyers.

Click on any of the links you see to learn more about what plans we offer or simply submit an inquiry for more information or for a customized quote.

Jaguar Extended Warranty Plans

Our job is to make sure you understand all of your options!

Today, consumers are keeping their cars for longer periods of time than ever before, and because new vehicles are loaded with complex technology and electronics, an extended warranty may be appealing. Even the most generous of original warranties supplied by the car companies expire after 10 years or 100,000 miles of driving, while many last for just 3 years or 36,000 miles.

An extended warranty may be purchased at the time you buy your vehicle at Jaguar Naperville; it’s also possible to purchase one much further along in your ownership experience. If you’re the type who likes to be prepared for all eventualities, an extended auto warranty may be just what you’re looking for. Bearing in mind the ever-increasing cost of vehicle repairs, these service contracts can make a lot of sense.

Take a look below at the many benefits.

Financial Protection

Vehicle service contracts provide coverage for parts and labor cost to repair or replace major components parts.

Flexible Options

The cost of your service contract can be purchased separately or easily attached to your monthly payment.

Higher Resale Value

Your service contract can be transferred to the next owner of your vehicle for a better resale value. You can actually recapture some of the costs of your service contract even after you’ve enjoyed its benefits.

Nationwide Acceptance

Dealerships and repair facilities across the United States and Canada will honor our vehicle service contracts. You can have your vehicle repaired in your hometown or while you’re away from home.

Jaguar Naperville Finance Managers can tailor the extended warranty to fit your driving habits and needs. Simply call us or submit an inquiry and they will be in contact with you to go over your options.

What is Jaguar Maintenance?

Jaguar Maintenance Plans cover regularly scheduled maintenance listed in the owner’s manual. Regular maintenance is critical to ensure the safety, reliability, drivability, comfort and longevity of your car.

First of all, it’s important to understand that a maintenance plan is not an extended warranty!

Regular maintenance is critical to ensure the safety, reliability, drivability, comfort and longevity of your car.

During preventive maintenance, a number of parts are replaced to avoid major damage or for safety reasons, e.g. timing belt replacement.

Additional specific items that need replacement due to normal wear and tear, and that are not covered by the original New Vehicle Limited Warranty – such as brake pads, brake rotors, and wiper blade inserts – are included, provided wear and tear exceeds a manufacturers wear limits.
Paying for Jaguar maintenance in advance means that the car owner’s costs won’t go up in years to come, adding stability to household budgets.

Busy car owners may prefer a Jaguar pre-paid maintenance plan because it means they’ll have one less thing to think about.

If the maintenance is paid for, and it can only be performed at the dealer, We notify the car’s owner when it’s time to have service performed, there are no decisions to be made.

You select a plan that works best for you. Let Jaguar Naperville go over the Jaguar maintenance plans that work for you.

What is tire and wheel protection?

Day-to-day road hazards can damage your tires and wheels. Jaguar Naperville Tire & Wheel Protection provides for the repair or replacement of your tires or wheels if they sustain damage as a result of road hazards such as metals, nails, glass, debris, potholes and more.
Coverage Includes:
Tires – If your tire becomes damaged because of a road hazard, such as metal, nails, glass, debris, potholes and more. Pays to repair or replace your damaged tires.
Wheels – If you wheel is damaged due to road hazard, and cannot seal air after the tire was repaired or replaced, it also covers the cost to repair or replace your wheel.
Mounting, balancing, valve stems & taxes – The cost for mounting, balancing, valve stems & taxes is also covered in conjunction with covered repair.

Services included:

  • Towing
  • Battery Service
  • Flat tire assistance
  • Gas & Fluid delivery
  • Lockout or frozen lock

Additional Features:

    One to five years terms available
    No deductible

  • No maximum number of occurrences
  • No mileage limitations
  • All vehicle tires are covered as long as they have at least 3/32″ of tread at the time of damage
  • Transferable to the next vehicle owner

To learn more about your Jaguar Tire & Wheel Protection options simply click to call us or submit an inquiry. If you need repairs click “Schedule Service”.

What is Paintless Dent Protection?

It’s an unfortunate truth: dents and dings occur over time and gradually decrease your vehicle’s value! Paintless Dent Repair covers minor dents and dings on your Jaguar exterior surfaces where the paint has not been broken.

It is a process that uses specialized tools to gently push/pull dented metal on your vehicle back to its original form. This procedure permanently removes doors dings and minor dents without harming the vehicle’s factory finish.

What is covered:

Minor dents and dings less than four inches (4″) to exterior vertical & horizontal painted sheet metal body panels.

What is Environmental Protection?

Designed to help keep your Jaguar looking good inside and out for years to come. Jaguar Naperville Environmental Protection Plan covers:

Exterior protection

Protest your investment from harmful elements like oxidation and pollutants that can make your car look older than it is. Paint sealant completely seals and protects paint surfaces. It will protect your vehicle and keep it looking as good as the day you bought it.


  • Weather-induced fading and loss of gloss
  • Acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap
  • Permanent hard water etching and industrial fallout

Interior Protection

Most of us spend hours every day in our vehicles commuting to work or shuffling kids to activities. Often in a hurry, we’re eating takeout and sipping cappuccinos on the way. All that activity can lead to a mess. Preserve the look of your car to reduce the signs of aging and protect against life’s messy accidents.


  • Protects against permanent staining
  • Contains inhibitors to delay fading
  • Makes clean-up easy

Vinyl/leather sealant provides the following:

  • Creates a barrier against stains
  • Protects against premature aging
  • Retains natural softness

What is key replacement?

Losing your car, truck, home or office keys can be inconvenient and costly. The technology in today’s vehicle key remote (FOB) makes it expensive to replace. Key Protection offers repair or replacement coverage for your Jaguar key if it is lost, stolen or destroyed. If you are not able to replace your key or key remote (FOB) immediately, you may be reimbursed for alternate transportation.

So what happens when you lose your Jaguar key fob? The choice is yours, but the financial impact will vary drastically if you opt to use a locksmith instead of visiting Jaguar Naperville for a replacement.

To be fair, the process of obtaining a new key and key fob is not a quick one. The production and delivery of the key are said to take upwards of two weeks and you may be shocked at how a charge is for the replacement process. A new key will be shipped, and once it arrives, your Jaguar must be reprogrammed to accept the new fob and key. Throughout the process, you will be accumulating labor costs, including the cost of the key itself.

Key Replacement Protection will absorb the costs and additional keys lost or damage with your vehicle key are eligible for replacement too.

If you need a Jaguar Key Fob replacement simply schedule service below or to learn more about our Key Replacement Protection Plan simply click to call us or submit an inquiry.

What is alloy wheel repair?

Alloy wheels are vulnerable to scratches and gouges. To keep your wheels looking newer longer, Alloy Wheel Repair coverage provides for the repair of cosmetic damage to alloy wheels.

To learn more about alloy wheel repair coverage, simply make an inquiry.

What is Windshield Repair Coverage?

Even small chips in your windshield can lead to big problems. Jaguar Naperville Windshield and Glass Repair Coverage provides for repair of minor chips and cracks to your windshield caused by propelled rocks or other road debris while driving on public roads, streets and highways.

Most insurance companies do not cover glass repairs, they will usually only cover the replacement based on the size of the crack or chip. Jaguar Naperville offers Windshield Repair Coverage that can help cover those costs. Simply ask your Jaguar Naperville Service Advisor the next time you are in for service, or see a Jaguar Naperville Client Advisor for coverage options.

Let Jaguar Naperville help with your glass repairs. Jaguar windshields are made by the same companies that manufactured your original Jaguar windshield and will match the original windshields color, thickness, fit and shape. Aftermarket Jaguar Windshields, on the other hand, are manufactured by glass companies that do not have Jaguar relationships with the carmakers.

This means that it will fit right and ensure that other options connected to the windshield work perfectly.

The specific type of replacement that is best for you will depend heavily on your personal preferences and your budget. We encourage you to call our Jaguar team at Jaguar Naperville, as we can help you with your decision.

What is gap protection?

If your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair, your auto insurance alone may not pay everything you owe. Insurance typically pays the vehicle’s actual cash value rather than the amount remaining on your loan or lease, which could leave a financial “gap” of thousands of dollars. In addition, if your down payment was less than 20%, you may owe more than your car is worth.


Your insurance company appraises your vehicle at $10,000 and you owe your lender $15,000 you have a gap payment of $5,000. You owe more than your vehicle is worth.

Helps maintain good credit
Covers negative equity
Insurance deductible up to $1000 may be included if the amount you owe on the vehicle exceeds your settlement payment
GAP is provided for the term of your loan
If you’re considering the purchase of a Jaguar pre-owned vehicle from Jaguar Naperville and would like to learn more about the possibility of adding Gap Insurance Protection to your new loan let a member of our finance team help you make the best decision. Simply call us or fill out the below and one of our members will be in touch soon.

What is VIN Etch Theft Protection?

VIN etching is commonly a stencil and an acidic etching paste, to engrave a vehicle identification number (VIN) onto the windshield and windows. Most parts on a vehicle already have at least a partial VIN stamped onto them, and many auto parts buyers will not purchase parts that carry identification numbers. Should a thief try to sell the parts from a vehicle for profit, those marked parts carry a higher risk for the thief and the auto parts seller. Since automotive glass generally does not have identification numbers and is often interchangeable among many different years and models of vehicles, it usually yields a much greater profit for a thief compared to other components on the vehicle; because a vehicle’s windows are stamped with the VIN, thieves would need to discard the glass before “parting out” the stolen vehicle, thus reducing or eliminating their profit. VIN etching can also increase the odds of recovery of a stolen car by police.

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