Rev Up Your Spring: Navigating Buying a Jaguar in Springtime

March 15th, 2024 by

As Springtime rolls in, we awaken from the slumber of winter and blossom into the renewal of the season. This makes it the perfect time to switch up your ride and hop into a new Jaguar – here is how you should navigate purchasing a vehicle this spring at Jaguar Naperville.

1. Find The Perfect Jaguar That Meets All Your Needs

Many different components come with picking out the Jaguar model that fits all your needs. The first step is to be sure to know what is important to you when looking for your perfect model; trim, interior and exterior colors and highlighted features.

2. Schedule a Test Drive

Once you have narrowed down your perfect Jaguar, schedule a test drive to decide if you want to take the next steps to lease or finance. During your test drive remember to pay attention to:

  • Visibility: Evaluate the visibility you have as you check your mirrors, look out the windshield, and check around you
  • Noise: Listen to the noise that happens within the Jaguar cabin with the windows up, the sunroof closed, and the radio off. Test this when idling, accelerating, and cruising.
  • Powertrain: Concentrate on the way the vehicles feel as you put them into motion, be sure to test this across different terrains and conditions such as freeways, hills, curves, and imperfect pavement.
  • Ride: Focus on feeling how the ride feels, is it comfortable? If this is important to you then be sure to drive over a variety of surfaces or over the railroad tracks to judge how well the suspension absorbs bumps.

Schedule a Test Drive at Jaguar Naperville

3. Decide What Purchase Options Work For You

After your test drive, if you decide to move forward with a new Jaguar at Patrick Dealer Group, decide what purchase options work best for you.

  • Finance: When you finance a vehicle, you pay for the car in monthly installments, rather than one lump sum. Keep an eye out for different APR new car offers at Jaguar Naperville which can help adjust your auto loan payment to be more manageable.
  • Lease: To lease a new vehicle, you’ll usually pay monthly lease installments for a vehicle, and in return, the dealer grants you driving privileges for a set amount of time and miles driven. When the lease term concludes, you can either return the vehicle to the dealership or choose to buy out your lease if that option is available.
  • Cash: Purchasing a car with cash doesn’t necessarily involve using physical dollar bills. Instead, it signifies paying the entire vehicle cost upfront. Once you settle with the dealer, you receive the keys and become the legal owner of the car.

Reach out to our Jaguar Naperville Sales Team to discuss what option is the best for you!

4. Spring Into Your New Jaguar and Drive Off!

Once you have gone through researching the model that is the best fit for you, scheduling a test drive, and setting up your purchase options- you are all set to drive your new Jaguar off the lot and take on the Spring season!