Jaguar Brake Repairs and Brake Replacement Information, Pricing & Cost Estimates

Brakes: Signs & Symptoms of Failure

Servicing your brakes is a necessary part of your Jaguar vehicle maintenance. But for many car owners, maintaining a vehicle’s brakes is often overlooked. Keeping your brakes in good working order can also help prevent costly repairs down the road. Below are frequently asked questions about brake repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brake Repairs & Replacements

How do you know when you need new brake pads?

The usual signs of failing brake pads include low brake fluid (warning lights) and the inability to stop abruptly. Additionally, you may notice the brake pedal feels soft/spongy, the vehicle is pulling to the side, or the car vibrates or is generally hard to control when braking. These are all symptoms of bad brake pads, brake shoes or related components.

How do you know when you need new brake rotors?

The most common sign of bad rotors: grinding; metal-on-metal sounds when you press the brakes. This is usually because your brake pads have worn down entirely, resulting in the rotors and brake pads making metal to metal contact. Once you hear the grinding sound, a complete brake job is usually the only solution.
If your brakes are acting weird, they’re shuddering, your brake warning light is on or they’re just not working right, it’s best to call us at 630-413-0691 or schedule an appointment for an inspection.

How often should I replace the brakes on my Jaguar?

Jaguar brake pad life varies depending on your driving habits. If you commute in heavy traffic and use your brakes often, you’ll need to get an inspection more frequently.

What is included in a brake job or brake repairs?

A brake job or brake repairs usually involves replacing the brake linings (which means replacing the brake pads and/or shoes), resurfacing or replacing the rotors and/or drums, adding new brake fluid or bleeding the system as needed, and looking for other worn components.

How much does it cost for Jaguar brake repairs or brake replacement?

Brake repairs or brake replacements for your Jaguar depends on your model type and the type of repairs needed. A brake diagnostic starts at $89.00. Pricing quote does not include taxes, fees, and does not factor in your unique location or related repairs that may also be needed.

How long does a brake repair or brake replacement take?

Under normal circumstances, brake repairs or replacements will take on average one 1-2 ½ hours; however, based on the number of repairs could run a little longer.

Is it worth getting brakes done at a Jaguar dealership?

Absolutely. The best place to have brake repair or replacement performed is at the dealership because we use original Jaguar parts, although it can bill out a little higher than independent shops, our technicians are Jaguar factory trained, certified and current on education requirements. Unlike independent shops, who may cut costs by using inferior aftermarket parts and non-certified technicians.
The automotive industry is constantly in a state of change. Every year, awesome new vehicles with new never-before-seen features are released. With all the recent rapid advancements in tech, these changes are happening more dramatically than they ever have before and it’s best to have a knowledgeable and trustworthy Jaguar certified tech from Jaguar Naperville work on your car or SUV.


The best advice is to bring it to us, our skilled service professionals can give you a quote customized for your car and its demands. Schedule your Jaguar maintenance at our Jaguar repair shop today by calling 630-413-0691 or click “Schedule Service” below.

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